How to Work With The Phases of the Moon

How to Work With The Phases of the Moon

Some people rely on tarot to guide them through life circumstances and help them make decisions. But have you ever thought about using the power of the moon? The moon rules intuition so if you work with the phases of the moon, it can help you make better decisions about lots of different areas of your life.

The Moon’s Phases and What You Should Be Doing In Each Phase

The New Moon

This is the first phases of the lunar cycle and it’s all about new beginnings and creating something.

What to do on a new moon:

Get that to-do list down on paper;

Come up with ideas but don’t put them into action just yet.

The Crescent Moon

This is the second phase of the lunar cycle and it’s all about putting things in motion.

What to do on a crescent moon:

Start new projects;

Start taking action on those plans you made on the new moon;

Bring new people into your life and start new relationships.

The First Quarter Moon

This is the third phase of the lunar cycle and it’s time to get to work!

What to do on a first quarter moon:

Move forward with any projects you’re working on;

Use affirmations to attract abundance.

The Gibbous Moon

This is the fourth phase of the lunar cycle and it’s like getting a huge dose of energy.

What to do on a gibbous moon:

Keep pushing for what you want to achieve-this moon phase is giving you a dose of celestial energy to bring things to fruition.

The Full Moon

This is the fifth phases of the lunar cycle and things can get a little crazy! The full moon heightens emotions, brings things to fruition, and reveals things we might not have known.

What to do on a full moon:

Be kind and gentle on yourself-your emotions are heightened right now;

Practice gratitude for anything that has come to fruition or that has been revealed to you;

Think about what you need to get rid of from your life.

The Disseminating Moon

This is the sixth phase of the lunar cycle. The full moon was about peak attraction potential for all the good things, but this phase is a quieter, more reflective one. It asks you to let go.

What to do on a disseminating moon:

Look at your life. What’s no longer serving you? Now is the time to remove it;

Tie up loose ends in any areas of your life.

The Last Quarter Moon

This is the seventh phases of the lunar cycle and it’s another that encourages you to finally release anything that’s been holding you back.

What to do on a last quarter moon:

Release any negative energy or patterns once and for all.

The Balsamic Moon

This is the eighth and final phase of the moon. It’s sometimes known as the dark of the moon because it’s when the moon is getting smaller and smaller until eventually, you can barely see it in the dark sky.

What to do on a balsamic moon:

The balsamic phase lasts for 72 hours until the next new moon. During this time, it’s a good idea to:

Meditate, reflect, and take it easy;

Give your home a good clean;

Spend some time alone.

Do You Work With the Phases of the Moon?

What guides your life decisions, plans, and choices? Are you guided by the moon, or do you rely on tarot cards, or something else?

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