Collection: Hop Hare Crystal Magic Flower Candles

Step into the captivating universe of Hop Hare Gemstone Flower Candles. Encased in rich dark green jars, these candles emanate the charm of wooden-wicked enchantment, casting a spell that transforms any space. Ignite not just wax, but also the magic within.

Each candle boasts a unique design inspired by the marvels of nature, weaving a narrative with every flicker. These candles surpass mere decor; they invite you on an immersive expedition into a realm where mystery and nature intertwine.

Captivate with Hop Hare, providing an opportunity to embrace enchantment. Uncover the magic as you open the box, where a concealed tarot card unveils candles adorned with genuine gemstones and flowers.

It's beyond a mere product; it serves as a portal to the magical experiences offered by Hop Hare.

Embark on a spellbinding journey with Hop Hare Candles.