Journaling for Well-being in 2023

Journaling for Well-being in 2023

Journaling for Wellbeing in 2023

Do you write in a journal? It’s an often overlooked way to better wellbeing. Here’s why you should try journaling for wellbeing in 2023.

The Benefits Of Journaling

First of all, I just want to put something out there: you DO NOT have to be an amazing writer or have a snazzy journal to get the benefits. It’s not about having perfect spelling or grammar, or having an Instagrammable journal. Journaling is a way to:

Express your thoughts and feelings freely
Make sense of things that have happened
Release any feelings of anger, sadness, or anxiety
Help you make decisions
Record happy memories
Reflect on things
Remind yourself what you have to be grateful for

Journaling for Wellbeing-How to Get Started

Set aside the time

Are you a morning person who likes to rise early and savour your cup of coffee? Or do you feel more relaxed in the evening when the kids have gone to bed? Choose the best time of the day for you to write in your journal.

Create a relaxing environment

Make yourself a cup of tea, light a candle or some incense, and get cosy. Create a relaxing environment where you can just sit and be with your thoughts.

Remember there are no rules

This is your journal and you aren’t writing for anyone else to see. Don’t think about spelling, grammar, or what your handwriting looks like. Just get your notebook and pen, and let your thoughts flow onto the page.

Journaling Ideas

One of the things people get stuck with when they start journaling is what they should write about. This is where journaling prompts can come in handy. Try this.

Write as an observer

This is where you write about something that happened as an observer, looking in on your life. You could write something like ‘I noticed YOU felt upset that…’

Write an open letter

This could be a letter to your younger or older self. It could be a letter to someone you’re struggling to forgive. You’ll never send it but it can be a way to find closure and express exactly how you feel towards that person.


Write in bullet points

If you’re pushed for time, this can be a great way to get your thoughts down.

Set a timer

If you literally only have a spare ten minutes, set a timer on your phone and write freely until your time is up.

Still not sure what to write? Try these prompts

The beauty of journaling for wellbeing is that the things to write about are endless, and so are the benefits. Try these journal prompts if you have a day where you’re stuck and don’t know what to write about.

Write about your day
Journal your feelings about something that happened in the past
Write down your hopes and dreams
Journal about what’s worrying you
Write about something you are grateful for
Write down your goals and the areas of your life you want to develop

Do you journal or have you ever tried it? I’d love to know. It can be a great way to get thoughts, feelings, and worries out of your head and on to paper for a lighter and brighter 2023.
















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