Self-Care for Your Star Sign

Self-Care for Your Star Sign

Making time for self-care is a must in the hectic modern world. Wouldn’t it be great to know what kind of self-care would soothe your mind, body, and soul? Well now you can. Tailoring it to your zodiac sign can help you find something that suits your personality and vibe. Here’s the perfect kind of self-care for your star sign.

Aries: Positive affirmations

Aries is a very driven sign, but even you need a bit of encouragement sometimes. Every morning, stand in front of the mirror and recite a positive affirmation. It can be an encouraging thing about yourself or a goal you want to put out there to the universe.

Taurus: Pampering yourself

Taurus loves a bit of indulgence, so a manicure, pedicure, massage, or treating yourself to some new makeup is the best self-care for your star sign. Looking good is feeling good.

Gemini: Reading a good book

Gemini is the wordy person of the zodiac, so reading is the perfect downtime activity. It keeps your mind busy in a positive way so you can escape the overthinking…for a little while, anyway.

Cancer: Bathing

There’s nothing better than a healing bath to balance energy and emotions. Add our Floral Bath Soak with sea salt, lavender flower petals, rose flower petals, chamomile flower petals, and calendula flower petals and relax for 25 minutes. Feel completely rejuvenated.

Leo: Get creative

Leo has creative flair and they are all about aesthetics. That’s why the best self-care for your star sign is something arty. From painting to pottery or making jewellery, there’s a creative pastime just waiting for you.

Virgo: Sing!

Virgo is a bit of a worrier. Singing is a great stress-reliever and it opens up your throat chakra to help you speak your truth.

Libra: Be grateful

Counting your blessings never fails to lift your mood and makes sure you don’t take any of this amazing life for granted. Start a gratitude journal and record those moments that make life worth living, whether big or small.

Scorpio: Smudge your surroundings

Scorpios are like an energy sponge. You pick up energy from people or places, good and bad. Smudging your surroundings will help cleanse your living space and get rid of any negative vibes.

Sagittarius: Dancing

Sagittarius rules the hips, buttocks, and thighs and if you’re a sag, you might notice you hold a lot of stress and tension in those areas. Find a dance class you love or just dance around your living room to relieve tension and lift your mood.

Capricorn: Have a ‘Me’ day

Capricorn is the workaholic of the zodiac. So the best self-care for your star sign is having a day to yourself, minus the work. Spend it however you want; see friends, catch up on sleep, or just curl up with your favourite book.

Aquarius: Yoga

You’re a mindful sign, so you’ll have no problem being in the moment, breathing, and stretching to benefit your mind, body, and spirit.

Pisces: Start an evening bedtime routine

Your sign is a dreamy sign, but you often struggle to get a restful sleep. If that’s true for you, spritz your pillow with lavender spray or essential oil to create a calming environment. Have a relaxing bath, turn off all electronics an hour before bed, and place an amethyst on your bedside table. It’s renowned for promoting restful sleep.

So there you have it, do you agree with the best self-care for your star sign? What do you do for self-care? We’d love to know.



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