Welcome to the Sage in the Sky Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to the Sage in the Sky Christmas Gift Guide

You’ve looked at the calendar and realised that Christmas is approaching faster than you thought. Before the full-on ‘what am I going to get them?’ panic sets in, take a deep breath, and read our Christmas gift guide.

Our Christmas Gift Guide

Aromatherapy candles- Perfect for the friend who loves their home

Our Aromatherapy candles are made with only the good stuff; essential oils, natural soya wax, and no nasties. From oils that help you relax to those that lift the mood and energy, you’ll find them all in our range. As the candle burns, it fills the room with fragrance, and it looks good too. The amber glass jar will look great in any home and it comes in a Kraft gift box which makes it a perfect gift, ready to give to your bestie.

Floral bath soak- Perfect for the sister who needs more ‘me’ time

Our Floral Bath Soak is a fusion of sea salt, lavender flower petals, rose flower petals, chamomile flower petals, and calendula flower petals. It nourishes the body and mind, so it’s the perfect antidote to feeling frazzled. Just put a handful of the mixture in the bath, or use it as a foot soak to soothe tired feet.

Artisan tea-Perfect for the mum who loves tea

Is your mum’s answer to every problem ‘I’ll put the kettle on’? Don’t underestimate the power of a cup of tea, especially if it’s one of our artisan blends, made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with natural antioxidants. Give your mum the gift of a warm hug in a mug this Christmas.

Self-care kit-Perfect for treating yourself

It’s easy to get overwhelmed on the run-up to Christmas, and just from the pace of life in general. So when you’re buying gifts and running errands for others this Christmas, don’t forget that your wellbeing matters too.

Our Self-Care Kits contain a selection of handpicked items that will help you relax and feel pampered from a sugar scrub to banish dry flaky skin to a nourishing body cream that will make your skin feel super soft. There’s also a face serum that boosts your complexion as you chill out-bliss.

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration in our Christmas gift guide for thoughtful gifts for those special people in your life.

Because we know that watching the pennies is important at this time of year, we’re offering 10% off your first purchase. Just enter code NEWMOONS10 at checkout.

Happy shopping!



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