What is a Life Purpose Tarot Reading?

What is a Life Purpose Tarot Reading?

Are you on the right path? Do you feel like you have lost your way or are you unsure of where you’re headed? A Life Purpose Tarot Reading can provide you with some much-needed guidance.

What Tarot Cards Can and Cannot Do

First, it’s important to know that tarot cards can’t predict the future. But what they can do is give you the chance to reflect, know yourself better, and confirm something you already knew deep down. That feeling or idea you had? The cards can help validate and explain it.

What Will a Life Purpose Tarot Reading Cover?

The Life Purpose Reading looks at the bigger picture of you and your life. It covers things like:

Your weaknesses and beliefs- what is getting in the way of you finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose? The cards will help uncover the obstacles.

Your strengths and gifts-we all have unique abilities and strengths. Sometimes we aren’t aware of our strengths or we don’t know how best to use them to achieve that we want in life. The cards will shed some light on this for you.

How you can live your life with purpose- if you don’t feel fulfilled on your current life path, maybe your priorities have changed. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose. The tarot cards can help you get back on track so you’re living with purpose.

Who and what you are-knowing who and what you are in relation to other people can help you discover your purpose and make sure you’re on the right path. For example, you might be a great listener who friends confide in. If you don’t value that part of yourself, or you don’t see how much others value it, you could be missing out on discovering a big part of your life’s purpose.

The changes you need to make to feel happy and fulfilled-the cards can help you learn more about your place in the world and how you can thrive in that place.

Your work purpose and career path-do you love your job, or is work something that you feel is a necessary evil that pays the bills? A Life Purpose Tarot Reading can help you discover your ideal career path based on your strengths, personality, and values.

Are you ready to live with purpose?

If you’re feeling lost and unsure about your purpose in life, a tarot reading can illuminate the right path. Have a burning question about your life direction? Click on the link to find out more about my Life Purpose Readings and to book.



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