What Is A Relationship Tarot Reading?

What Is A Relationship Tarot Reading?

Whenever I’m doing tarot readings, questions about relationships always come up. “Are they the one for me?’, “I feel like something is ‘off’ in my relationship, what could it be?”-these are the things people want answers to. Relationships are complicated but a relationship tarot reading can shed some light on things for you. Here’s what a reading can tell you.

The reading in a nutshell

I should start by saying that the Relationship Tarot Reading is not just for romantic relationships, it covers other relationships too, like your working relationship with your boss.

The reading looks at your relationship from every angle so you can get clarity on things like dynamics, how you can resolve existing issues, and what might be influencing your connection with the other person.  

Delving deeper into the reading

If you have a relationship reading, this is what you can expect the tarot cards to tell you:

  • What energy you are bringing to the relationship and how your actions have contributed to the current situation.
  • Who the other person really is and what could be influencing your connection with them (positively and negatively).
  • What circumstances could be affecting your relationship right now?
  • What you can do to improve things.
  • What do you need to pay attention to in your relationship? Are you focusing too much on it at the expense of your friends, hobbies, and personal growth?
  • What from your past is impacting on your current relationship?
  • Is there a lesson to be learned from this relationship? Does your current situation have something to teach you? We are always being guided, even when we don’t know it.
  • Where are you in denial? What are you doing that’s preventing you from being fulfilled in this relationship? Knowing this can help you get out of your own way and have a better relationship experience.
  • What is on the horizon for your relationship if you do the things the cards are telling you to? What are the possibilities for your relationship if you change your perspective?
  • What are the unknown circumstances in your situation? If it’s a romantic relationship, is this person ‘the one’ or is that in your destiny maybe further down the road?

Got questions like these?

If you have questions like these about an important relationship in your life, book a Relationship Tarot Reading to get them answered.

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