Manifest your desires with candle magic

Manifest your desires with candle magic

If you want to set an intention, manifest something you desire, or move a situation that won’t shift, candle magic can be a powerful way to do it. Candles are a big part of spells and rituals in Wicca and Folk Magic and if done right, they can work for you. Here’s how to manifest your desires with candle magic.

How does candle magic work?

There are many different ways of using candles in rituals including:

Presenting them as an offering to a deity or entity

A source of focus when setting an intention

Seeing the candle as something that absorbs our desires or intentions then transmits them out into the universe.

Manifest your desires with candle magic-how to perform a basic ritual

Choose the right colour candle

Different coloured candles have a different meaning, so choose the colour that best corresponds with your intention or what you want to manifest.

White candles are for healing, peace, and protection.

Pink candles are for love, self-love, and reconciliation.

Red candles are for courage and strength.

Orange candles are for joy and confidence.

Yellow candles are for confidence and new ideas.

Green candles are for good luck and money.

Blue candles are for wisdom and justice.

Purple candles enhance your spirituality and psychic abilities.

Black candles are for protection and removing negativity.

Brown candles help with concentration and grounding.

Gold candles are for wealth and prosperity.

Silver candles or for harnessing moon or goddess energy.

Work with the moon phase

If you want to manifest your desires with candle magic, do so when there’s a full or new moon. Both phases are perfect for welcoming in the new or letting things go. If you want to learn more about working with the moon phases, check out our article.

Dress the candle

Dressing your candle adds some extra power to your manifestation or intentions. Choose an oil depending on what you want. For example, rosemary protects against negative energy and rose is a great choice for love or self-love.

To bring something into your life, rub the oil into the candle from top to middle then from bottom to middle. To let something go, rub oil from the middle of the candle outward to the top and bottom.

Light the candle

Go somewhere quiet where you won’t disturbed. Spend a few moments bringing your intention or desire to mind so that it’s really clear. Light the candle, and say your intention or desire out loud. Be clear and speak as if you believe in what you are saying. When you are done, close the ritual by saying thank you followed by words which fit with your beliefs, whether this is Amen, or something along the lines of the Wiccan phrase ‘So mote it be’ which means ‘so it will be’.


When you manifest your desires with candle magic, the ritual is the easiest part. Surrendering the outcome and trusting a higher power is the difficult bit. But trust that you have been heard and whatever needs to move in your life to make it happen will move.


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