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Chakra Crystal Candles - Heart Chakra

Chakra Crystal Candles - Heart Chakra

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Heart Chakra Crystal Candle: Experience Love and Harmony

This exquisite candle offers more than just illumination; it serves as a means to embrace love and harmony.

💚 Heart Chakra: A symbol of love, compassion, and emotional balance.

🌹 Fragrance: Soaked in the alluring scent of "Rose Musk," this fragrance helps to invoke a sense of love and serenity.

💎 Gemstones: Decorated with precious Rose Quartz and Crystal Jade crystals, these stones are renowned for their ability to promote emotional healing, love, and compassion.

Light up this candle to create an ambiance of love and emotional balance in your space. Allow the captivating fragrance of "Rose Musk" to fill your heart with warmth, while the energy of Rose Quartz and Crystal Jade crystals nurtures your capacity for love and compassion.

Burning time: 17 hours

Materials / Ingredients Soy Wax, Fragrance, Glass,
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