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Large Chakra Crystal Candles - Seven Chakra

Large Chakra Crystal Candles - Seven Chakra

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Introducing the Chakra Crystal Candle - Seven Chakra Harmony

Experience a unique blend of gemstones and fragrances that harmoniously resonate with all seven chakras in this candle. It's more than just illumination; it's a symphony of energy and balance.

🕯️Seven Chakras: This candle promotes balance, alignment, and energy flow throughout the body, with each chakra represented by a different gemstone.

🌙Fragrance: Infused with the ethereal scent of "Moon Beams," this candle enhances feelings of serenity and connection to higher realms.

💎Gemstones: Seven different gemstones adorn the candle, each representing a chakra. These gemstones balance and harmonize the entire chakra system.

Light the Chakra Crystal Candle to create an atmosphere of balance and alignment. Bask in the mystical fragrance of "Moon Beams" as it soothes your senses and connects you to higher realms. Meanwhile, the energy of the seven gemstones resonates with and balances your entire chakra system.

Burning time: 23 hours

Materials / Ingredients Soy Wax, Fragrance, Glass,
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