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Ritual Resin on Stick - White Sage

Ritual Resin on Stick - White Sage

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Enhance Your Space with White Sage: Premium Ritual Resin on Stick

Immerse yourself in the spiritually rich and peaceful ambiance created by White Sage Ritual Resin on Stick, an ideal choice for rituals, ceremonies, or moments of relaxation and introspection. Its deeply cleansing and purifying aroma, reminiscent of Native American rituals and traditions, elevates your space to a higher spiritual plane.

Fragrance Profile: White Sage's scent features earthy, herbal, and slightly sweet notes, imparting a cleansing, spiritual connection, meditative, and relaxing effect on your surroundings.

Contents and Burn Time: Each package contains 8 Premium Resin on Sticks, offering a generous burn time of 50 to 60 minutes per stick for prolonged spiritual experiences.

Origin and Dimensions: Handcrafted in India, our White Sage sticks measure approximately 20 cm in length, reflecting the artisanal craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the region.

Eco-Friendly and Ethically Sourced: We take pride in offering a natural, handmade product that is eco-conscious and ethically sourced. Our White Sage resin sticks are not tested on animals, and our packaging is sustainable, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Care Instructions: To preserve the integrity and potency of our White Sage resin sticks, store them in a dry place at room temperature, away from humidity. Exercise caution and keep them out of reach of children. Use fireproof surfaces, such as an ashtray or incense stick holder, to ensure safe burning.

Transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquillity with White Sage Ritual Resin on Stick, where cleansing fragrance meets spiritual enlightenment in perfect harmony.


Materials / Ingredients incense
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