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Zodiac Fragrance Oil 10ml - CAPRICORN

Zodiac Fragrance Oil 10ml - CAPRICORN

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Introducing our Zodiac Fragrance Oil tailored for Capricorn – a captivating fusion of Glaze Lapis Lazuli Fragrance captured in a 10ml bottle. Crafted to embody the essence of the Capricorn zodiac sign, this fragrance oil is a symbol of ambition, strength, and wisdom.

Encased in a dark-coloured bottle adorned with enchanting bio glitter, our fragrance oil is meticulously formulated to resonate with Capricorn's celestial energy. The Glaze Lapis Lazuli fragrance is carefully selected to enhance the oil's potency, empowering Capricorn individuals to embrace their sense of purpose and fortify their strength and wisdom.

Key Features:
- 10ml bottle of premium fragrance oil
- Dark-coloured oil infused with bio glitter for added allure
- Glaze Lapis Lazuli fragrance blend
- Tailored to harmonize with the celestial energy of Capricorn
- Presented in elegant packaging for a luxurious touch

Elevate your senses and embrace the celestial essence of Capricorn with our Glaze Lapis Lazuli Fragrance Oil. Pursue your ambitions with confidence, harness your inner strength, and unlock the wisdom within with every captivating scent.

Glaze Lapis Lazuli Fragrance Profile:
- Top notes: Coconut, Raspberry, Pear
- Heart notes: Rose, Jasmine, Lily
- Base notes: Macaron, Sugar, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood

Illuminate your path to success and embrace your journey with every enchanting aroma.

Materials / Ingredients Di-Propylene Glycol, Parfum

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