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Zodiac Fragrance Oil 10ml - LIBRA

Zodiac Fragrance Oil 10ml - LIBRA

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Introducing our Zodiac Fragrance Oil crafted for Libra – a captivating fusion of Cool Jade & Oakmoss Fragrance encapsulated in a 10ml bottle. Designed to embody the essence of the Libra zodiac sign, this fragrance oil is a symbol of harmony, diplomacy, and social grace.

Encased in a dark-coloured bottle adorned with enchanting bio glitter, our fragrance oil is meticulously formulated to resonate with Libra's celestial energy. The Cool Jade & Oakmoss fragrance is carefully selected to enhance the oil's potency, empowering Libra individuals to embrace their sense of equilibrium and amplify their diplomatic and social skills.

Key Features:
- 10ml bottle of premium fragrance oil
- Dark-coloured oil infused with bio glitter for added allure
- Cool Jade & Oakmoss fragrance blend
- Tailored to harmonize with the celestial energy of Libra
- Presented in elegant packaging for a luxurious touch

Elevate your senses and embrace the celestial essence of Libra with our Cool Jade & Oakmoss Fragrance Oil. Find balance in every aspect of life and navigate social interactions with grace and poise.

Cool Jade & Oakmoss Fragrance Profile:
- Top notes: Herbal, Spice, Citrus
- Heart notes: Rose, Geranium
- Base notes: Oakmoss, Vanilla, Musk

Discover the perfect harmony of scents and enhance your sense of equilibrium with every captivating aroma.


Materials / Ingredients Di-Propylene Glycol, Parfum

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